Conscious Kids Art Project

Creative Wellness for Young Minds

Preschool-8th Grade


ART is the visual language of relationships.

Conscious Kids Art Project is a highly specialized social-emotional skill building program. Young Artists are invited to explore through a variety of mediums with many avenues of expression. The creative activities act as a catalyst for positive growth and offer valuable insight into your child's thought processes.


Each Artist will have the opportunity to learn to:


  • design the future outcome responsible decision-making

  • face physical, mental and emotional challenges self awareness

  • respectfully identify similarities & differences social awareness

  • organize ideas and goals self management

  • and resolve problems constructively relationship skills


Your child’s self esteem will shoot through the roof as they impress themselves and others with their newly acquired problem-solving prowess and technical skill in the Arts. They will barely even notice that they’ve also become even finer human beings, benefiting all with their creative gifts.

Ask for our program at your child's school today!

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