Behind The Black Veil

An Intimate Look Into The Mysteries of Our Lives

Somewhere beyond the "great faiths" is absolute truth. Things clearly as they are. All opinion is suspended here in favor of the ultimate and uncontestable reality of the Divine. Behind The Black Veil, the monastic flavored arm of the Temple Tower Society, blends art, science and spirituality together in the interest of universal balance. We see our Ancestors as the wisdom keepers and our life long guardians, who we consult with for these insights. Popular tools for contact and exploration of this mysterious wisdom are our natural intuition, Tarot Cards, Crystals, Ancient Ritual Cycles, Astrology and the like. As well as blending modern leaps in technology and social practice to connect with fellow seekers. We provide seekers with expert Spiritual Lifestyle insights to remove obstacles and move you forward on your path with grace and style. 

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Discriminating Wisdom

The Dawn of A New Humanity


A guiding light to navigate the shifting moral terrain of the 21st Century.